Implementation HP servers, UPSs APC and CDP, D-Link firewall, D-Link switchs, D-Link cameras, D-Link APs, Samsung TVs, Apple TVs, Apple and Lenovo laptops, Windows Server licensing and 10, Office 2019 for Windows and Mac, Bitdefender antivirus, biometric system, normal and regulated electrical network with Retie and Retilap certificate.
Production Company
Implementation Apple equipment Imacs, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, as well as licensing of Adobe CS5 for the entire graphic area. HP equipment was implemented for the administrative area, D-Link and Ubiquiti APs were installed to cover the entire company with WiFi. High-format HP printers were implemented for the graphic area.
Implementation Apple equipments (Imacs, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Pro), Adobe licensing from the parent company with assignment in Colombia, D-Link APs. In the administrative area, Lenovo computers were implemented. For the printing area in the graphic part multifunctional Xerox printers were installed.
Implementation Apple rooms with 27" Imac equipment, Adobe CS5 suite, Wacom table reference Cintiq 6X10 + pencil. In the administrative area were implemented Lenovo all in one, Windows 10 computers were licensed.
Photography School
Update all your networks, electrical wired and WiFi these last in category 6 A, change all your networking equipment by Zyxel and their APs with Ubiquiti.
Implementation graphic classrooms with Apple, Adobe educational licensing, implementation for the administrative area with Lenovo. printing with Xerox.
Implementation servers and switchs for your computer center with HP, internal connectivity with D-Link APs and D-Link security cameras. Provision of technology classrooms with HP equipment.
Implementation graphic classrooms with Apple, Adobe educational licensing. HP printers.
Design School