Continuous learning with our clients has led us to design three (3) service verticals with which we want to improve the experience with companies and continue to gain confidence. 1. Networks and Security: You will find five (5) options that will help you in managing the information (Data). 2. Services: You will find five (5) options that you can outsource or that are not mission critical for the company. 3. Image and Marketing: You will find five (5) options that are perfect complement to the image of your company.



At 2 J GROUP we design and implement normal and regulated electrical networks, normal and regulated electrical panels under the RETIE and RETILAP standards, providing our clients with certified facilities and approved by regulatory entities in Colombia.


For us at 2 J GROUP to design and implement networks, be they WiFi or Structured or Mixed Cabling, is and has been the form of communication and efficiency in companies, since all their functionality, their business opportunities and the meeting your challenges.


The companies entrust their security Information systems to 2 J GROUP, since we offer them solutions (Hardware and Software) according to the needs. We provide tools for the entry of personnel, for content control, for threats to the network, to emails and more.


2 J GROUP provides for each of the products in its three (3) lines of services, endorsed equipment that meets the characteristics, guarantees, support and proven results that our clients require. Improving the productivity of your employees and your business.


Software is a very important part of the economy of a company. For 2 J GROUP these tools, graphic, architectural, design, collaborative, group work, databases, BI, DWH, CRM, POS, antivirus and biometrics among many others, are available to our clients with training options and training.



2 J GROUP offers cloud services to all our clients such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), DaaS (Devices as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Each includes security and access services required both physically and remotely.


In Companies, printing begins with a sheet until it reaches document management (which includes its file). In 2 J GROUP we have for our clients B / W printers, color, basic, multifunctional, scanners, plotters and software for document management.


From 2 J GROUP we supply our clients with SAN, NAS, SATA and SAS hard drives, DDS solid state hard drives, RAM memories, USB memories, portable drives, monitors, cameras, network cards, tonners, cartridges, tapes, keyboards, mouse, safety cables and briefcases.


The companies after their purchases in 2 J GROUP ask us for technical support levels 1 and 2, guarantee support, preventive and corrective maintenance once or twice a year with supplementary equipment, training and / or training in Hardware and Software.


There are solutions that complement other services acquired by companies and that 2 J GROUP offers them. We have audiovisual products, video conferencing, video surveillance, video intercoms, WiFi (Mesh), E-Printing, POS, home automation and surround sound.



Gamers are not companies, but for 2 J GROUP they are part of the world of Technology. For them, we provide equipment and parts from some of the best brands on the market, with which they can feel, imagine and make their dream come true.


We know from our own experience that when you create your company and start you do not have a defined Corporate Image. At 2 J GROUP we turn that idea into reality, we design logos, slogans, colors, letterheads, business cards, P.O.P. (Banners, Posters) all registered in an image manual.


Now, any company, large or small, needs to be present in the Internet world, which is why 2 J GROUP offers its clients landing pages, web pages and e-commerce pages, developed in WordPress. To complement the offer we have hosting, domains and email.


The expertise of one of our partners in 2 J GROUP, allows us to advise companies in the development of affinity programs, cross-selling, demographic and psychographic campaigns, marketing campaigns aimed at consumers, DB normalization and Data analysis for get to know your target market better.


We have a designer in 2 J GROUP who does 3D media plan for products. This layout allows you to view details, dynamic content, real-time display, explosions, interior views, cuts, assembly and adjustment sequences. Allowing companies to save on training and spare parts costs.