2 J GROUP S.A.S. was created in 2008 as a technological entrepreneurship, which seeks to offer small, medium and large companies a consultancy focused on quality and support, with services and products that meet the specific needs of each company. We make the investments made by our customers as profitable as possible, adjusting to the budgets and making available the best technological tools. 


¿When technology begins in Colombia?

The first computer arrived in Colombia on march 3, 1957, at the hands of Bavaria and was a IBM 650. *  

¿What was the first technology company in Colombia?

In the year 1980 Mikrotec was born, the first marketing company of computers in Colombia, representing RadioShack and developing the first administrative software. *

¿What were the first technology companies to arrived in Colombia?

Between 1980 and 1983 NEC, Commodore, Durango, HP, Texas Instruments, IBM and PC came to the country. *

¿What was the first antivirus done in Colombia?

The first and only antivirus made in Colombia was developed at the end of the eighties and was called PCCilina and managed to sell 90.000 licenses.**

¿Who gave birth to Unilago?

Two brothers of San Juan de Rio Seco in Cundinamarca, established the first store of computers assembled locally and handcrafted in Colombia, in a local where now is Unilago**

* Source Central University 2009. ** Source Semana Magazine 2015.