We are a company that aims to help you discover the technological needs of your company. We design tailor-made Digital Transformation solutions, which immediately when implemented generate economic improvements in your business. Our great challenge is to adjust to your budgets and surprise you with guaranteed, safe products and services with proven results. We invited you to evolve, grow and gain more experience easily and now.


2 J GROUP has more than 20 years of experience certified by each of our clients, who have seen a revolutionary change in their economy, their income has improved and now their Digital Transformation is extraordinary, generating inspiring results.


2 J GROUP has evolved, transferred its knowledge so that the company, through each negotiation it carries out with us, generates emotions in its collaborators and empowers them to be more creative, to build new challenges and to inspire them in their productivity.


2 J GROUP has the support of the great manufacturers in the world and of the wholesalers in Colombia. This allows you, our current and new customers, to have and receive the security and guarantee in each of our products and services, as part of our commitment.


2 J GROUP has established in its policies that each of the products and / or services offered have the most important secret, quality. This is reflected when each of our clients decides to buy again and experience a new emotion without any risk.