We are a company that aims to identify the technological needs of companies. We design tailor-made digital transformation solutions that represent the best investment for your business. We offer services in accordance with established budgets, as well as the best products from the best brands available in the market, which allows us to give our clients the right product and service at their request, which results in an effective short-term ROI long term.


2 J GROUP has more than 20 years of experience in the Colombian technology market, this makes us a serious and responsible company, which seeks to generate in its clients that bond that makes them partners and build an affinity that generates fruits.


2 J GROUP over the years has acquired an advanced knowledge of the services and products it offers, in addition, it has trained and trained technicians in each of the branches, so that the client feels calm and sure of what he acquires.


2 J GROUP has the support of manufacturers and wholesalers in Colombia. This allows our current and new customers to continue to trust our brand, all of the above has allowed us to forge a clear position in the market.


2 J GROUP has established in its policies that its services and products must be of quality, this is reflected in each of our clients, when they contact us again for a new requirement in any of our lines.